Happening in STL

The St. Louis Housing Market is on FIRE


We have always known that St Louis real estate is of exceptional value and quality. People who move to St Louis from other parts of the country are always impressed by our fine architecture, affordability and wide variety of homes.

St Louis has many unique qualities, and this is reflected in the homes we have to offer. Regardless of if you want a lovely home in the suburbs, a loft downtown or a historic mansion in Huntleigh, St Louis has it!

Contemporary Home coming to the grove. St. Louis housing market

Last December we wrote about how the St. Louis housing market was expected to be the 2nd hottest in the nation. News Flash! In the 90-plus cities surveyed in Redfin’s Housing Market Tracker, St. Louis showed the biggest year over year growth in two important areas. First, the number of home sales ( which is actually up 32.8 percent from this time last year) and secondly, the number of homes for sale (up 24.6 percent from last year).

st. louis housing market price index from FRED

I can attest to the fact that business has increased nearly twofold over last year. I’d like to think that that is all on me, but the data doesn’t lie. The housing market is booming STL! Contracts have been coming in sometimes before homes are on the market, but many times within the first week of listing the property.


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