Harris Armstrong- architect, Historic St. Louis Homes

Uh oh… Harris Armstrong Designed Building In Trouble!


121 N Brentwood, Clayton…

I took this photo earlier this week, I hope they are just taking down part of it for an addition of sorts. But I feel that they are destroying it, as there is a demolition fence around the entire property. I blogged about this building being for sale all the way back in 2011, you can see that here. I think it could have been a cool office space with a few updated touches.



A Little History…

The building was designed for the Late Dr. E. H. Jacobsmeyer (a dentist) in 1939.  Dr. Jacobsmeyer was very active in the community and he attended Washington University School of Dentistry. Dr. Jacobsmeyer served as President of the Washington University Dental Alumni Association in 1942. Interesting, albeit unrelated, he also was involved in Mitchell v. Poole in the St. Louis Court of Appeals as a witness for the Plaintiff in 1934, at which time he had been practicing Dentistry for 16 years. Dr. Jacobsmeyer served as an alderman under Mayor Roy P. Atwood – the 4th Mayor of Clayton, 1924-28 – in 1924. Clayton traces its existence to the infamous divorce of St. Louis city and county in 1876. A book written in 2013 discusses how the first few mayors of Clayton had integral roles in shaping what is now a booming city.

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    Just curious, which Mayors and why?

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