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The Historic York Village of Brentwood | ST LOUIS STYLE

York Village Woodlands was incorporated by the town of Brentwood on June 8, 1926. The developer was called “Meier and Comfort” and the architect was Daniel Mullen. They designed and built the Seven Gables Building at 26 N. Meramec Ave. in Clayton and when completed, they located their office there.

York Village was originally intended to exclusively feature “Tudor Revival” style homes. The first phase of the development included the entrance tower and stone walls as well as 5 “Spec” homes. The original homes are; 1 Northcote Road, 2 Northcote Road, 4 Northcote Road, 1 Cricket Lane, and 9 York Drive. However, it is likely the stock market crash of 1929, followed by the Great Depression and then WWII had a significant impact on the original vision.

​Today, York Village consists of 142 homes. Street names are: York Drive, Northcote Road, Middlesex Drive, Sussex Drive, Southcote Road, York Hills Drive, and Cricket Lane.

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