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Curbed.com Lists 10 Important Buildings We Lost in 2015


10 Important Buildings We Lost in 2015

Curbed.com compiled a list of significant buildings that were destroyed in 2015 around the United States, sadly one of these buildings is a public library designed by Frederick Dunn and Robert Harmon. See the full list here.

“Designed by Frederick Dunn, this 1963 modernist library was famous in its own right, but became an icon due to the Emil Frei stained glass by artist Robert Harmon that seemed to stand like paintings upon the building’s brick base. Advocacy group Modern STL sought to preserve the structure from being replaced, suggesting an addition instead of a tear down, but despite years of effort, the building was demolished to make way for a replacement that opened this fall. Some, but not all, of Harmon’s stained glass has been repurposed in the new facility.”

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