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Save the Mullanphy Emigrant Home [Landmarks Association]

Dear Readers, We are passing along a message from our friends with the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group (ONSLRG).

The Mullanphy Emigrant Home, the Ellis Island of St. Louis, is in need of your help. Years ago, Landmarks Association, EM Harris Construction, the Masonry Contractor’s Association, Old North St. Louis Restoration Group and many others made significant contributions to support stabilization of the building after it suffered severe storm damage. It subsequently came under the control of ONSLRG, which had high hopes for rehabilitation and a bright future for the building. While ONSLRG has been able to accomplish great things in recent years, its vision for the Mullanphy has not been realized. Indeed, the organization has fallen on difficult financial times and now it is making a valiant effort to keep the Mullanphy out of the sheriff’s tax sale. ONSLRG humbly requests your help to keep it off the auction block so that a concerted effort can be made to find a new, responsible, owner. While raising money for a past due tax bill is a difficult ask, ONSLRG believes that it is important that the building not be auctioned.

Here is the ask:

ONSLRG needs about $4500 to get a one-year, stay-of-auction. If that time can be bought, ONSLRG volunteers will list the property with the intent of getting it into the hands of a responsible developer. They have currently raised $3,850 through donations from private individuals as well as gifts from Koman Group, Clayco, and Landmarks Association. If you would like to help in the sprint to the finish line of this fundraising effort by making a tax deductible donation, David Eisenbraun, ONSLRG’s treasurer, advises the following:

The best option for paying is via check to ONSLRG at 2700 N 14th, 63106. The precise deadline for receiving checks by is April 6th. This allows Dave time to get a cashier’s check to pay the taxes getting funds to the bank by next Friday (the 7th), and a check to City Hall on April 10.

ONSLRG PayPal account is still active and if that works better for people, it is fine – although PayPal charges 2.2% (for $1000) to 5.2% (for $10), so a donation is more potent by check via USPS. The easiest way to use PayPal is through the website link.

Funds will be dedicated to retiring past due property tax liabilities, the most pressing being the 2014 tax bill of $4404.13 which must be paid to prevent a tax sale auction from occurring in April. Any money raised over that amount will be used to pay remaining property taxes on other properties controlled by ONSLRG and for liability insurance on those properties.

After keeping the building off this spring’s auction block, ONSLRG will list the property for sale with the goal of getting into the hands of a capable developer.

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