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Dana King: Remodeling for Life

When you survey your home, ideas for improvement race through your head. You are ready for an update, but where to begin? Dana King understands.

Next Project Studio – a local design-build remodeling firm now known by the name of its owner and lead designer, Dana King – promises the highest standard of service for innovative design when it comes to your home projects.

The recent name change reflects King’s commitment in providing a personal touch to every project and emphasizes her willingness to stand behind the company’s promises to execute, in a timely manner, a design that reflects each client.

“We specialize in busy people who wonder how to get their projects off the ground,” King notes. “Clients value communication, so we use a mobile app to share project updates that keep them informed and linked to our whole team. Homeowners can vacation and stay up-to-date.”

Dana King became the contractor King wanted to see in her own home: “I felt St. Louis needed to have a one-stop shop that keeps the designer involved from concept to completion. Too often, designers are marginalized in the build process to the detriment of the project.”

Her diverse knowledge base stems from interior design, where she developed a sensitivity to site lines, or how a room looks when viewed from another space. Consider what you see as you sit in your living room and peer into the kitchen. Do you see dirty dishes and a bulky refrigerator? Or does the design discreetly obscure awkward spaces and life’s messes, instead celebrating the home’s distinctive style?

“We are tapped into St. Louis talent,” King claims. “Starting with our team, our designers not only do great design but have a deep background in construction. Renna Barnes was a residential contractor, who had owned her own firm, and Meg Blaies is an architectural designer. Experience and training make them sensitive to what is possible to produce, which our production team can then execute well. And our carpenters not only swing a hammer – they really care about the outcome of each project and have an eye for aesthetics.”

The design-build team hand-picks architects and craftspeople that are a match for the clients’ objectives. As King details, “Our most valuable deliverable is our ability to pull the right team together to fit the needs of the project.”

“We welcome challenges,” she adds. “Everyone feels they have awkward spaces. Some homeowners even contemplate moving because of such spaces. This gives us an opportunity to create a unique design that looks and feels intentional, so that people can fall in love with their home.”

This ambition is why Dana King has been awarded Angie’s List Super Service award, in addition to local and national recognition on Houzz, and how the company has stayed in the top 5 percent of recommended service providers in remodeling for the past eight years on the online home services directory.

As members of trade associations, including the local chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and Home Builders Association of St. Louis & Eastern Missouri, Dana King has access to valuable resources and tools, which ensure the company adheres to best practices in the industry.

“Our designers are trained in universal design, restorative design and SMART home technology, which inspires solutions that make living in your home better,” King explains. “What goes along with this holistic approach is our belief that form follows life.”

The woman-owned company stays true to its core value of “finding a way,” details King, adding: “We are relentlessly positive about the potential of every home. Remodeling is an art and a science. We [make] designs that help people to live better and to love their homes. Everyone is deserving of that.”

Call King and her company to discover what they can do to revitalize your dwelling and make it a place you will never want to leave.

Dana King, 10405 Baur Blvd., Suite H, St. Louis, 314-914-2840,

Article originally posted by Ladue News

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