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Ladue News: September 11, 2015


(Image of William Bernoudy pictured above)

Ladue News featured an article about Mid-Century style in their latest edition. If you flip to page 23 you will notice a 2 page article that shows my home as well as 2 Deer Creek Hill in Ladue that is coming on the market later this month. It focuses on the iconic style that St Louis has inhabited since the design of the Gateway arch in the 1960's. The article points out that design style has become a staple in the St. Louis area since then. The article quotes me at one point saying, "One thing happened in the 50's: The technology improved and you could have big, floor-to-ceiling picture windows. You could do more interesting things with architecture, like horizontal beams and cantilevered overhangs." My home was designed by the illustrious William Bernoudy and the home was actually occupied by Bernoudy himself.

If you love mid-century homes and enjoy an interesting read, I would definitely check it out!  See the article HERE



 (My living room, designed by William Bernoudy pictured above)

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