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Million Dollar Plus Home Sales in St. Louis 2011

The high-end market is continuing to improve in the St. Louis area. Over 138 homes/condos in the area sold for more than $1 million.  2010 was 128 properties and 2009 was 119 properties. Below are some significant sales.

11 Carrswold, Clayton, MO  $2,300,000


35 Squires Lane, Huntleigh  $4,000,000  Sold by the Orthwein Estate and bought by a "relative"


9855 Litzsinger, Ladue  $3,125,000  Bought by a sibling of the purchaser above….there must have been 20 work trucks there the other day when I drove by…no picture…though you know it….the white frame home at the entrance of Logan Cabin Lane….it rambles on for ages

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8 Radnor, Huntleigh  $2,550,000


18061 Wild Horse Creek Road, $2,625,000

Wild horse

13302 Buckland Hall, Town and Country, $2,100,000  Sold by a famous football player, announcer, restaurant owner

Buckland Hall