Bernoudy- architect, Mid-century St. Louis, Stylish Ladue Homes

The Schweiss Bernoudy Home- 4 Daniel Road is Quietly For Sale

The lovely Schweiss Home designed by William A Bernoudy is available to purchase. This is a rare opportunity to buy a gem of a home located on a quiet Ladue lane- Daniel Rd.  The lot is large and private….which is a problem….the lot is too valuable. This house is in real danger of being torn down by someone who just wants the lot. The price is somewhere around $410,000 which is also a good price point to buy a lot in Ladue. Someone needs to step up and buy this treasure before it is lost. The current owners would hate to have the house torn down, though economics become a reality. This home is small  and would be ideal for a single person or close couple. It would also be a great St. Louis pad for a person or couple who travels a lot. The concrete flooring has a diamond motif that you can find at the Frank Lloyd Wright house at Ebsworth Park in Kirkwood. New HVAC, electric, plumbing….and more, though still needs some finishing work.

Find out more about the Schweiss and see more pics HERE

For more information, contact Ted Wight 314-607-5555   [email protected]  (Please note that I do not have this home listed and can just connect you with other parties. It is not listed or in the MLS at this time.)