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Exploring Ted’s Mid-Century & Contemporary 2023 Sales

With its rich architectural history, St. Louis has always been a haven for unique homes that reflect its residents’ diverse tastes and styles. Our journey through the real estate landscape has celebrated iconic designs in the past year, especially in Contemporary and Mid-Century Modern (MCM) homes.

In St. Louis, the names William Bernoudy and Isadore Shank resonate deeply in architectural circles. Bernoudy, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, brought his visionary approach to design, characterized by clean lines, open spaces, and a harmonious integration with nature. On the other hand, Shank carved his niche in the Mid-Century era, creating sleek, functional homes that exuded an air of timeless elegance.

We’ve had the privilege of selling homes designed by these eminent architects and many others this year, each a testament to their innovative vision.

Town & Country – Redesigned by Philip Durham 

13 Sunswept Drive – Ralph Fournier

2 Sherwyn Lane – William Bernoudy

28 Maryhill Drive – Isadore Shank

9239 Ladue Road – Ken Wischmeyer

10 Westwood Country Club – William Bernoudy

1017 Winwood Drive

Among our current listings, two standout properties beckon discerning buyers in Town & Country and Sugar Creek.

2020 South Mason – Paul Marti

1651 West Adams – Guillermo Villacis

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