Harris Armstrong- architect, Mid-century St. Louis

Harris Armstrong House- 1 Sappington Spur SOLD/CLOSED

The special Harris Armstrong designed house in Oakland closed yesterday. A young couple from California purchased it. They are lucky to get to enjoy this special home!






One thought on “Harris Armstrong House- 1 Sappington Spur SOLD/CLOSED”

  1. Gay Armstrong Bryson says:

    Sweet! Harris was my uncle and I enjoyed his architectural style, if not his occasional reprobate behavior, my whole life. It’s always great to see his homes continuing to be lived in and treasured instead of being torn down to build larger monstrosities!
    Is the house pictured above in Oakland or on Sappington? The only ones I remember there were the last one he lived in which I knew best,and the office building down the road which I think was converted to a living space.
    Just curious.

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