Harris Armstrong- architect, Mid-century St. Louis

Harris Armstrong’s Residence III SOLD/CLOSED

200 S Sappington was the 3rd and final residence that Harris Armstrong built for his family. The architectural diagram states that it was a home built for his wife.

The gardens are lovely and expansive. They have Chinese Larch trees in the yard which came from ancestors brought over for the 1904 World's Fair. I dug up two small saplings to start in my garden.  They are very rare in this part of the country, though are prolific in the Armstrong conclave of S. Sapplington and Sappington Spur.

By chance, I contacted the owner of this important home to see if he would be interested in selling it.  I was prompted by a Buyer who loved the home, though decided it was not for her. Well, I immediately thought of another Buyer who was hot and heavy for a cool, architectural house. We put the house under contract off of the market. 

The home is going to be lovingly care for by this young, fashionable couple.









4 thoughts on “Harris Armstrong’s Residence III SOLD/CLOSED”

  1. What happen to this resident,Is it sold or closed?It is looking old but classy at the same time.Hope that the home is going to be lovingly care for by this young, fashionable couple.

  2. dsemar says:

    I would love to have the Schultz tables and Bertoia chairs on the patio!

  3. Ted Wight says:

    The chairs went with the new owners.

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