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Ladue 60’s Baths

Today I went through a large 60's contemporary home in Ladue that is on the market for close to $2 million.  Great home and spaces….and indoor and outdoor pools!  I really liked the bathrooms….especially the the grey raised tile treatment!  Your favorite will probably be the heart-shaped tub.





You know…many Bernoudy homes also had these gilt faucets.  I had them in my house and they are down in the basement.  Maybe I will reinstall them!


2 thoughts on “Ladue 60’s Baths”

  1. David says:

    The Gold faucets are by Sherle Wagner. Meyer Loomstein’s house also had the same gilt swan faucet in a guest bathroom.

  2. Love this bathroom and love your blog! I’ve just started following you and reading all your other posts. 🙂
    Arrielle Pascua

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