Mid-century St. Louis, Stylish Olivette Homes

Mid-Centurey Home located @ 19 Stoneyside, Olivette, MO 63132 SOLD/ CLOSED

The cool Mid-century (MCM) home located at 19 Stoneyside Lane in Olivette close yesterday. I represented the Seller. The new owners plan on living in the house and not tearing it down. The house sold for $215,000.  At this price-point in Olivette, you are always worried that someone will snatch it up for the lot and tear it down.


One thought on “Mid-Centurey Home located @ 19 Stoneyside, Olivette, MO 63132 SOLD/ CLOSED”

  1. Robin says:

    Nice! I really like this type of architecture for homes, and have seen quite a few good examples in Olivette, Kirkwood, and Crestwood. I had my heart set on a similar house a few years ago, but could not commit. Unfortunately this style of house is often built on a slab foundation, so no basement. The large windows are great for giving a spacious light-filled atmosphere but are usually not insulated, and I found that (at least in that particular case) the general build quality was somewhat skimpy with hollow doors and thin walls. The sense of space in a small house was quite dramatic though.

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