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My Sofa is Done! Dunbar Sofa by Edward Wormley

After a long anticipation, my sofa is in place! David Deatherage of Century Design found the sofa and selected the fabric. Custom Furniture Works did the restuffing, restoration and unholstery. The fabric is Clarke & Clarke Maximus.






5 thoughts on “My Sofa is Done! Dunbar Sofa by Edward Wormley”

  1. garrett haas says:

    I die for this sofa… my house is all mid century. jealous.

  2. Todd Heilman says:

    Beautiful, Ted.

  3. Becky O'Keefe says:

    The single cushion is beautiful. Jeff is a true craftsman!

  4. Janel says:

    That sofa is delicious. Fantastic job on your restoration.

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