Bernoudy- architect, Mid-century St. Louis

Revealing the Cork Floors

Today I have commenced the project to refinish the original cork floors in my new home….a William Bernoudy-designed residence from 1950.  The main house had a floating maple floor laid over the original cork with a lip when the floor transitioned to the brick tiles.  I want the flooring to be original and all on the same plane. I am also removing the wall-to-wall carpets laid over the cork in the bedrooms.  The cork will be sanded and refinished.The cork color is coffee. I am told that they created this color by baking the cork. It is going to make the house darker, though furniture and space rugs will lighten it up again. I am exciting about how quiet it will be to walk across them and the noise in the main house should be diminished during parties.



Demolition Today….does not look that pretty yet….though I am happy that the cork is in good shape!


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  1. This is really stunning….The most attractive feature I like about cork flooring is that cork floors do not absorb dust and are resistant to bacteria and fungus. They do not cause allergies nor pose a risk to asthma sufferers.

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