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Given Apple’s attention to design details in practically every aspect of their products, we’ve always felt like there was something missing when it came to the furniture emojis in iMessage. What if you could use a Sputnik chandelier instead of the light bulb emoji? Or flex with a Panton S-Chair in your texts? How about using a Nelson Sunburst Clock instead of the drab alarm clock when you’re running late to a lunch. Now you can, with our exclusive Death by Modernism ‘Midcentury Emojis’ sticker pack, available in the iOS app store.

We chose 12 pieces of iconic mid-century design and “emoji-fied” them for the 21st century. The sticker pack includes Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair, several pieces by Charles and Ray Eames (as well as an adorable emoji of the couple themselves), and other quintessential chairs, tables, lighting and more.

The best part is, we’re dropping the emoji sticker pack absolutely free. Just click the button below on your iOS device to grip the whole set. We’ve also added the emojis to our DBM Slack channel, and you can download the set formatted for Slack here. We’ve even got a limited-edition framed print of these emojis over at the Death by Modernism store.

This concept collection is a great start, but we’d be extra-hyped to see Apple give their emoji game an official midcentury makeover in a future release of iOS.

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