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Artist Mason Rothschild Launches 100 MetaBirkins NFTs Honoring The Iconic Bag From Hermes

Photo Credit to MetaBirkin

Article originally posted by NFT Evening

Digital fashion is on the rise and this season’s most exciting drop is the 100 MetaBirkins NFT Series honoring Hermes’ iconic bag. Artist Mason Rothschild will debut the Collection at Art Basel Miami Beach 2021 on December 2, 2021, for 0.1 ETH.

The MetaBirkins project is actually a follow-up to his Baby Birkin NFT drop in partnership with fellow artist Eric Ramirez. The “Baby Birkin” NFT was an animation of a baby growing in an Hermès Birkin bag. They created it as a play on the handbag’s sought-after standing in pop culture. It also did well commercially, selling for $23,500, which dwarfs the physical bag’s going rate of around $9500.

Photo Credit to MetaBirkin

Rothschild created a unique collection of 100 individual Birkin bag NFTs with simulated faux fur in a range of one-of-a-kind contemporary colors and graphic executions. So in terms of aesthetics, it’s a heartfelt tribute to Hermes’ most famous handbag. So it leverages the bag’s aspirational aspect and branding. After all, it’s a universal symbol of luxury, a holy grain for every fashion fan.

Rothschild developed this new series, inspired this time by the acceleration of fashion’s “fur-free” initiatives and subsequent embrace of ethical alternative textiles. He hopes to spread awareness that luxury can be animal-free. He also urges all designers, artists, and brands to explore these new cruelty-free materials in producing their pieces without fear of the compromise of their concept.

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