Revisiting James Marchael’s “The Architecture of St. Louis”

Presented by Landmarks Association of St. Louis, Inc.

Commissioned in 1970 by the St. Louis Art Museum, James Marchael’s original exhibit captured the character of St. Louis’ architecture. "Revisiting" is an exhibition of Marchael’s black and white photography along with a selection of current images depicting both continuity and change in St. Louis' architectural heritage.

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Well I went on my first cruise last week.  It was nice to get away from the Winter in St. Louis again.  I feel Spring is emerging!  The birds were very noisy this morning.

My feelings about cruises are sort of mixed. I went with a friend from Ft. Lauderdale who used to live in St. Louis. The cruise line was MSC (Italian) and our boat was only a year old- The Divina. I found myself wandering around the 24-hour buffet all of the time….it seemed I had to go through it to get anywhere on the boat. Luckily I had some self control, though feel like I ate 6 meals a day. There was a nice gym on the boat and I made an effort to go everyday. I found lifting free-weights challenging with a shifting boat.

I was eager to take advantage of the shows on the boat, though knew I was in trouble after the first night. The program said that the ship was putting on a production of Wonderland. I was excited since I had heard the music from the Broadway show (Adapted from Alice in Wonderland). We rushed through dinner so we could get a good seat. Well, the boat's Wonderland had nothing to do with the musical.  I kept wondering when they performers would start to sing something from it. There was a man dressed up like Johnny Depp from the movie….who waved his arms a lot. A quasi group of performers did acrobatics as a scary Tweedle Dee and Twidle Dum pranced around waving their arms a lot. Finally an Asian diva came out to sing a song….I forget what she sang, though it was not from the Broadway show and was thick with an accent. The whole performance closed with the ensemble doing Gangnam Style.  The next night was a pirate-themed show which I did not see. I hear it was the same show as Wonderland- just in pirate costumes.

A high-light was seeing Leslie Jordan perform. I love his story-telling.

We went to the French side of St. Martin and had a lovely afternoon on the beach. San Juan, Puerto Rico was charming. Our third desination was an island in the Bahamas. This island is owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines and is solely for cruise lines to use. It was a little fabricated and almost looked like a Christo installation with 1000+ blue lounge chairs lining the beach.

I am back!  Ready for the Spring real estate market!




New William Shearburn Gallery- Designed by Studio Durham

The other day I had the treat to see William Shearburn's new gallery located on the first level of the Dorchester at 665 S. Skinker. Philip Durham of Studio Durham designed the new space. It is gorgeous with views of Forest Park. See more on Studio Durham's site: HERE. Check out William Shearburn Gallery's site: HERE






San Juan, Puerto Rico

Yes I have been on a cruise this week. I know…. I was just in Puerto Vallarta. My last trip for a while and will jump right into the Spring real estate market.

San Juan was lovely. We went to this one restaurant that served authentic Puerto Rican food. Probably the best thing I have eaten on the whole trip. A braised beef served in wood dish lined with mashed plantains.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico