Pike County

Farm Room Freshening

Time goes by quickly.  I just painted the 1st fl bedroom and Living Room of our farmhouse.  As I was painting, I realized that it has been over 20 years since they rooms were redone. The Living Room was sponged and the bedroom had stars stamped on the paint….very 90's.

I had a group of 16 out to spend the night at the farm last Saturday….somehow it worked with only 5 actual beds and 1 bathroom in the house. Blow up mattresses are certainly handy and everyone seems to have one except for me….I slept on the couch.

I have been seeing this soft celery green in houses that I show and love it…so I went a little overboard and painted the Living Room and Bedroom a soft green….one called Honey Dew and the other called Rubbed Sage from Sherwin Williams.  In the pictures it will look like the same color, though they are very different. Believe it or not I went through 12 colors of green sample paint before I was happy.

I also painted 3 scary closets that probably have not seen a fresh coat of paint in 50 years…..and probably not again in my lifetime. It is a little disturbing to think in those terms…though mid-life does it….I need to make a point to repaint them before I get too old!













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