Pike County

Have You Ever Dreamt About Owning a Historic Country Home?

On the East and West Coasts there is a culture of buying cute, historic homes in small country towns as a weekend retreat. This idea is not as prevalent in the Mid-West. Though take a moment and imagine owning a historic home in a charming river town. Decorating it with your antiques! Having an art studio in the home! Walking to the Mississippi River to take a walk! Dining at a local restaurant that specializes in local produce and meats! Attending a local festival! Going to services in a country church! Having house guests up for the weekend! Antiquing! Water sports on the river!

You can do it….all up in Pike County. Clarksville and Louisiana, Missouri have inexpensive historic homes that are for sale from $50,000- $400,000. All only within 1.5 hours of St. Louis.

Check out Pike County Living Blog to see what you are missing!


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