Pike County

More Farm Pictures

Yes, you have to endure more pictures of our farmhouse. Writing a blog every day is hard work. I call it "feed the monster"….I created it and it needs constant attention.  Knowing that 600+ page hits a day occur…I am motivated! Don't tell anyone, though about 1/3 of my business comes from blog fans or people that have found me searching the web. Well here are some pictures to keep you engaged. They are from our (I share the farmhouse with 3 brothers and the farm as a whole with 3 other cousins) farmhouse in Pike County, MO during a recent overnight party. Yesterday's post was about the preparation for the party. City people do not understand pealing paint and spiders….I slaved since my sons went back to college getting the house ready. I promise…the last of the series. (You also could have a country retreat….call me…I have some more fabulous than this! It really is a great way to entertain and keep your family together! Think about buying one with 3-4 good friends and sharing it! OK…done with the selling!)








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