Decorating Your Home, Pike County

Paint and Apples!

I think I have driven myself and the local Sherwin Williams store crazy getting paint samples. For my house in town, I went through 12 whites until I found the one that I wanted to paint the interior walls, ceiling and exterior underneath of the eaves. I finally settled on Pacer White, which really is perfect.  It looks darker here, though it says white when on the walls:

Pacer 2

I am painting a room at the farm house a soft green. I keep seeing this color in houses that I am selling and really think it is soothing and fresh. I never realized that it is so difficult picking out colors. I put up samples of about 8 colors that I though looked like what I was seeing and none of them were working. Yesterday I put up Honey Dew and it was lovely:


It is going in this yellow room.  I love the yellow, though it needs to be freshened up. 


By the way…..I have apples at the farm!  Over 10 years ago I planted an apple tree and it never produced apples. Well silly me did not realize that it needed a mate. Well, last year I planted 3 new apples tree from Stark Nursery in Louisiana, MO….and voila….we have apples.


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