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St. Louis Forecasted to be 2nd Hottest City for Real Estate in 2016


I Will Help Make This Prediction a Reality!

We have always known that St Louis real estate is of exceptional value and quality. People who move to St Louis from other parts of the country are always impressed by our fine architecture, affordability and wide variety of homes.

St Louis has many unique qualities, and this is reflected in the homes we have to offer. Regardless of if you want a lovely home in the suburbs, a loft downtown or a historic mansion in Huntleigh, St Louis has it!

In a release from, they discuss the current market trends and how St Louis is #2 on the list of cities to watch. The full list is below…

1.) Providence, RI
2.) St. Louis, MO
3.) San Diego, CA
4.) Sacramento, CA
5.) Atlanta, GA
6.) New Orleans, LA
7.) Memphis, TN
8.) Charlotte, NC
9.) Virginia Beach, VA
10.) Boston, MA

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