Icebox Cake

One of the simplest and yummiest dessert you can make is Icebox Cake.  The only hassle is that you need to make it 24 hrs in advance.  Think of it as the ultimate cookie and creams dessert.

To make it, pick up chocolate wafers in the cookie lane. Not Orios.  There are just plain wafers.  Whip up a lot of heavy cream….like a quart.  I did not sweeten the cream, though just added a little real vanilla. Then you just layer the cookies in a row and put a nice spoonful of cream in-between each cookie. Keep going until you have used all of the cookies. Finally cover the cookie roll with the rest of the cream. The next day I whip up some more cream, flavor it with vanilla and a little sugar and add a fresh frosting to the log.  Yum!

ChocMintIceboxCake   ChocMintIceboxcakewafersontray


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  1. Richard Cottrell says:

    This could be considered an easy version of a french. Bush de’ Noel.Congratulations on the sale of three barn farm.

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