The Ultimate Nespresso Guide from Espresso Perfecto

When you think of Nespresso, the first word that enters your mind is likely convenience. Sound about right?

Nespresso machines are the ultimate in convenience, BUT, that’s only half the story.

The other half of the equation is quality. The Nespresso brand really is about quality espresso just as much as it is about ease of use.

If you’re considering a Nespresso you likely understand the value of quality espresso. You can taste the difference between the dessert drinks from Starbucks and a great latte from the local craft coffee shop.

And while you enjoy a great tasting ristretto or cappuccino, you also probably aren’t crazy about the idea of honing some serious at home barista skills. Who has time for that?

In the opinion of many (including myself), a Nespresso machine is a staple for every home.  Picking the right one can prove to be quite a challenge, Michael York’s extensive guide will make it much easier to decide. To ease the research burden, his guide highlights every Nespresso model, the pros and cons of each, who they are best suited for and what to keep in mind when shopping.