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Suitsupply Grand Opening in the Central West End

Last night I attended the grand opening of Suitsupply at it’s first St. Louis location in the Central West End. How exciting it is to be getting a store here in St. Louis as the other locations are in larger cities like New York or Miami.

A little background about Suitsupply:
Since its founding in 2000 in Amsterdam, Suitsupply has been an unqualified success. Launched out of the trunk of Fokke De Jong’s car, giving new meaning to “Trunk Show,” Suitsupply has been helping men worldwide “find their perfect fit” in tailored fashion.

Starting first with an online direct-to-consumer model, Suitsupply carved out a niche in men’s suiting and tailored fashion, which is defined by the essential element of a jacket . “We were an omnichannel retailer before they invented the term ‘omnichannel,’” De Jong says. Today about 30% of company sales are conducted online.

Online shoppers are guided in the fit process with a Fit Finder app, but many men want more handholding in selecting, sizing and styling their looks. That is where the Suitsupply stores come in. “Service is critical today. In our stores shoppers can interact with someone who is an expert in men’s tailored fashion,” he continues.

Being a vertically-integrated company, Suitsupply and Suistudio have complete control of the quality of its garments, including the finest Italian fabrics, design, manufacture and distribution.

By exercising full control over the entire process, the company can offer luxury quality fashion at “attainable prices,” which in the case of men’s suits translates into $2,000 tailored quality at a $500 price point.
Information from Forbes

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