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How the Planetarium got its Holiday Bow

At 12:45 a.m. on December 16, 1966, St. Louis police answered a call alerting them that someone had put a six-inch Christmas ribbon around the Planetarium in Forest Park. What started as a prank has now turned into a holiday tradition.

Pranksters tied a Christmas ribbon on the planetarium in Forest Park on Dec. 17, 1966. Planetarium officials found the ribbon tied in a bow around the building and a large card nearby with the words, “Merry Christmas St. Louis. Washington University School of Architecture.”

Louis Buckowitz, director of city parks, recreation and forestry said, “I don’t see how they got on the dome to put up the ribbon unless they were barefoot.”

The reaction of St. Louisans was so positive that the bow now appears each year as a holiday tradition.

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