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The Blizzard of 1982 | January 31, 1982

“Students at the former Lafayette School, 815 Ann Avenue in Soulard, play on the piles of shoveled snow on Tuesday, Feb. 16, 1982, the first day on which classes resumed for St. Louis public school students. Almost all schools stayed closed for the week after the Jan. 30-31 storm, and suburban districts began returning over the second week. City school board members said they were afraid that children could be hurt on the high drifts and piles along sidewalks. They certainly would be playing on them, as this scene proves. (Renyold Ferguson/Post-Dispatch)”

“St. Louis refuse division workers help firefighters try to clear a way out for two fire trucks that got stuck on Feb. 1, 1982, at North Market Street and North Florissant Avenue. (Renyold Ferguson/Post-Dispatch)”

“Snowplows slowly fought their way through the streets and roads of the metro area, but there was just too much snow — and too many abandoned vehicles — to clear much of a path. This scene is of the 3300 block of Delmar Boulevard in the city, looking east, on Feb. 1, 1982. (Ted Dargan/Post-Dispatch)”

“Heavy snow collapsed a few roofs, including this one at Motor Transport Co., 3534 Gratiot Street. The view looks north toward St. Louis University and midtown. (Wayne Crosslin/Post-Dispatch)”

“Drifts build around an overturned tractor-trailer on westbound Interstate 44 near the Allenton exit. (J.B. Forbes/Post-Dispatch)”

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