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Help Decide How St. Louis City Will Allocate the $250M Rams’ Settlement

The city’s Board of Aldermen seeks public input on spending a $250 million settlement linked to the Rams’ relocation. Aldermanic President Megan Green and colleagues sifted through 700 ideas to narrow them down to 20 proposals. Now, they invite constituents to vote on these suggestions via an online portal.

The proposed ideas cover various areas, including constructing new schools, expanding the MetroLink line, improving bike lanes, renovating recreational centers, fixing the city’s water system, repairing streets and sidewalks, boosting downtown development, and increasing wages for city workers facing shortages.

These proposals also hint at the potential of a municipal endowment plan. By investing a portion of the money, officials anticipate generating about $12 million in annual revenue for future projects.

All 20 proposals are available for review and voting HERE


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