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Frontenac Named The ‘Happiest’ Small City in the Entire U.S.

Photographs of a farm on Ballantrae Drive in Town & Country, Missouri for Dielmann Sotheby's International Realty Agent Ted Wight.

Zippia analyzed thousands of small towns across America to determine “where it’s all rainbows and sunshine.”

From STL Today

When it comes to finding your happy place, a small town and a short drive are crucial. And money doesn’t hurt, either.

So what could be happier than Frontenac, which sits at No. 1 on the “These are the Happiest Towns in Amerca.” For good metropolitan measure, Glendale checks in at No. 3 on the happy list.

From Zippia

There’s a search that we are all on that dwarfs our job or career search — the search for happiness.

And as we all know, where we live and the job we have can all play a big part in our overall sense of contentment and happiness. For that reason, we took a dive into the most recent census data to help you identify which places in the United States have the biggest smile of them all.

On our happy data journey, we settled on seven criteria to help determine which U.S. places are the happiest. The criteria include things like having insurance, owning a home, and having a job.

As it turns out, life is all rainbows and butterflies in Frontenac, Missouri, the happiest place in America.

Don’t start feeling sad, there’s plenty of happy to go around as life is still pretty sweet in the following “Happiest Small Towns across America”:

  1. Frontenac, MO
  2. Oak Hill, TN
  3. Glendale, MO
  4. Grimes, IA
  5. New Albany, OH
  6. Sherman, IL
  7. Montana City, MT
  8. Medina, WA
  9. Forest, VA
  10. Sugarcreek, OH

Speaking of Frontenac…

I recently got a fabulous new listing in Frontenac, check it out here. Ironically it’s nearby to the image above which is a home I sold previously.

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