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A Waterloo, Illinois Historic Farm

Last week I visited a friend's farm in Waterloo, Illinois on a gorgeous Spring day. They have meticulously restored and expanded this historic farmstead. The house was originally a "safe house" for settlers traveling the region. They would stay in the stone house to avoid indians. The restoration is glorious and only the best material have been used. The old house and barn are lucky to have such a considerate & caring family discovered them and preserve the structures for the next generations.






The new bunk-house complete with an outdoor shower and Sycamore paneling.





A new "art studio" has been added to the property.



4 thoughts on “A Waterloo, Illinois Historic Farm”

  1. Hillary says:

    Wow, absolutely stunning. The stone work is amazing.

  2. Jennifer Goley says:

    Beautiful photos Ted… many thanks. xoxo

  3. plumbing says:

    Different types of house construction, some are typical yet very comfortable to settle in. I those idealism are very great.

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