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Historic Homes in Quincy, Illinois Part 1

Much like Hannibal where the Rockcliffe Mansion was built by a lumber baron, Quincy, Illinois was fueled by lumber coming down the Mississippi from the North. Quincy has some of the best homes that you can find in a small Midwestern town. Sorry some of my pics are slanted…I took they from a fast moving car!





One thought on “Historic Homes in Quincy, Illinois Part 1”

  1. Jeff King says:

    These all appear to be taken from Maine Street. Did you happen to get a chance to see some of the side neighborhoods? There are a couple of fabulous Arts and Crafts homes, and some wonderful Prairie homes too. There’s a few wonderful MCM streets as well. It was a great place to grow up, and probably has a lot to do with my love and appreciation of architecture.

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