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Check Out This New Restaurant in Augusta, Missouri!

Silly goose

I have heard absolutely raving reviews about this fun restaurant located in Augusta. I am itching to try it myself. The food looks good, and they appear to have a pretty diverse menu which always makes for an exceptional dining experience. It is even family friendly, so you can enjoy it with family after a day of wine tasting and pecking around in the shops that Augusta has to offer. Avid cyclist of The Katy Trail might also enjoy that The Silly Goose will soon be featuring call-ahead picnic baskets packed with delicious food starting this spring, a great way to enjoy a meal without a long intermission on the days ride or even have a more intimate experience with a friend or lover.

Does anyone know why the goose is silly and not the duck? Am I the only one who has wondered this? 

Click Here for their Website.

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