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Copper Pig @ 4611 Macklind Ave



Trying new restaurants.

Located in the up and coming SOHA neighborhood @4611 Macklind Ave is the new restaurant- Copper Pig.  The atmosphere is cool and it was bustling on a Saturday night.  I went to dinner with a friend before a house party. We started with the Crispy Brussel Sprouts with Miso and Bacon which was served warm and a delight. For the main course, my dinner guest has the Braised Short Rib, which took a while to come out, though was very tasty. I had the Bulgogi Cheesesteak sandwich. I have never met a cheesesteak sandwich that I did not like, though this one was a little heavy on the bread and uneventful.  It came with tater tots which were basically tater tots with catsup…I guess I have been spoiled by the variety of french fries served in restaurants across town. (I am still thinking about the yummy Truffle Parmesan French Fries I had at Basso a couple nights before!) We were too full for dessert, though the table next to us looked like they were enjoying some delicious desserts. 

When in the neighborhood, check out artist Julie Malone’s SOHA Studio and Gallery. Also nearby are two other yummy restaurants: Russell’s and Grapeseed



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