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Newsworthy – “Private Kitchen” in U City


If you walk in to Mr. Lawrence Chen's "Private Kitchen" restaurant in U City without a reservation, you are going to be out of luck. This restaurant requires that you both have a reservation, and order in advance. 

This will seem odd to many, but they have a good reason. Emily Chen explains that they actually shop for ingredients on a daily basis based on what people order in advance.

The restaurant is on the small side (seating about 24 people), and has a a few other interesting quirks.


Upon seating, you will notice that it is rather silent, as they do not play any music (you can hear Chef Chen cooking your meal in the kitchen). But nevertheless, it is a great experience. Based on these details it may seem that Private Kitchen is elusive and pretentious. But you'd be wrong! Mr. Chen designed it this way as to allow him to control the flow of customers, inventory and every other detail. 

Overall it is a fantastic new and notable restaurant and you should check it out. For a more in depth review, check out Sauce Magazines piece on the restaurant (the print version is better), or this article here.



Price Range: $10-$36

Yelp Score: 4 Stars

Zomato: 3.3 Stars


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