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Pastaria by Niche

I know I am slow in getting to new restaurants….unless it is before anyone else knows about them. I delayed going to Pastaria by Niche until some of the hoopla died down…well it hasn't! There was a 30 minutes wait last night, though the time went quickly and it gave me a chance to chat with my son, Teddy….watch them make pasta…and check out the gelato selection. We were celebrating his 20th birthday! They seated us at the "kitchen table" which provided us with the entertainment of watching the kitchen cook the food. Yum….I will be back! My son wants to go back to Niche next.  I took him a couple years ago and he still talks about it. He has good…expensive taste…he asked for a cashmere sweater for his gift.






2 thoughts on “Pastaria by Niche”

  1. Sideunes says:

    you all eat waaaay to much gluten (and your skin tone shows it)
    Where is the gluten FREE eatery???

  2. After seeing your blog, I said to myself that I will never delayed myself in visiting any restaurants. You made me hungry.

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