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Sardella’s, Clayton: Turning Convention Upside Down


Today I went to Sardella’s for lunch in the former Niche space in Clayton on Forsyth. This is Gerard Craft’s newest concept.

“Let’s make the traditional, unexpected. Let’s turn convention upside down. Let’s meld styles and flavors, from old world Italy to 21st century St. Louis. And let’s do it together. Over breakfast, coffee, dinner or cocktails.

Sardella is an ancient Italian sauce made from sardines, salt and peppers. It’s a vibrant sauce of the sea and the earth, and it serves as inspiration for our space and our cuisine.”

Lunch was delicious and more informal. You order at the bar and they bring it to your table. I can’t wait to try it for breakfast and dinner!

I have my new iPhone 7 and it takes great pictures!

img_9680  img_9676 img_9677 img_9679


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