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The Libertine

Earlier this week I took my sons and mother to The Libertine for dinner. It was an eventful night. My Aunt (not Aunt Bunny….her sister) was having some leg issues and I took her to St. Mary's to be evaluated. Usually it takes forever to get through the emergency room, so I got her situated there and then scurried off to pick up my mother and sons for dinner. (I may sound a little uncaring to leave her at the emergency ward, though this is the 5th time on the last few months that I have been there with her. Thank goodness that it was not a 3 AM call like it has been.) The moment we pulled up to the valet to go into The Libertine in Clayton, the hospital called and said that she was ready to be picked up.  I have been used to them admitting her overnight. So now the four of us sped away and picked her up from the hospital to take her home. After we got her comfortable in her bedroom…we zoomed back to The Libertine.

By this point we were all starving and ready for a glass of wine. The restaurant is sharp looking and fun. This is one of those places that has a ton of specialty drinks covered in a 20 page menu and a 1 page dining menu.  We really enjoyed our meal. My sons said that their favorite was the roasted califlower side. It really was special. My mother was excited to see She-crab soup on the menu. The food is Southern-inspired. The grits on the side of the "three-bird" entree were delicious. The only miss was the sunflower seed risotto, which really was too salty.

Open just for dinner now.

My Aunt is now in an extended care facility.






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