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Three Flags Tavern

I have heard so much about Three Flags Tavern recently that I had to check it out.  Mostly what I have heard is that the food is great and it is hard to get a reservation. 

It was easy to get a 7:30 PM reservation on Tuesday night.

The food was really good.  I need to go back and try some more menu items. I heard the Brisket Burger is yummy… and the Lamb Burger.  I had the pork and my guest had the trout. The only negative was the Fried Smelt appetizer. Most of the pieces were delicious with the Lemon Aioli dipping sauce, though I did eat a couple that had a really strong fishy taste.

Located at 4940 Southwest near The Hill.

Three Flags Tavern

Three Flags Tavern

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