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3D Imaging – The Future of Real Estate?

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Matterport: Is this the future of Real Estate?

If you happen to mosey over to Matterport’s website you can see a gallery of the 3D models ranging from museums to homes. It has got to be one of the coolest technologies I have seen in some time. It is like 3D google maps for inside a home. According to a video done by the owners of this company, they use this as a cherry on top when showing homes to potential buyers. Mainly because it allows people to either explore the home from across the world, or it allows them to “go back” to the home from the comfort of their homes and on their time.

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One of the things about it that is so shocking to me is just how detailed it is. You could quite literally navigate around the house and see the precise details of things like books that are sitting out at a table. No details are left out here. I do want to say that this is not in any way a sponsored post, but I think that this would be a marvelous technology to look at in the future. Maybe you’ll be seeing 3D models by Ted Wight!

In any case I highly recommend that you go on their website and just look at the gallery, it is fun to explore the spaces they have available (there are dozens!). If you are interested in purchasing one, they are going to cost you a pretty penny. Per the website, it will run you around $4,500 plus a monthly fee. Here is a screenshot from their website. Also, here is an article from TechCrunch talking about the product and explaining it in further detail.

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