Ted’s Movie Reviews

I had a wonderful time with my family and sons over Thanksgiving. Somehow I was able to get 3 movies in over 3 days.  I am a little ADD so my movie reviews will be short and sweet.


Fury– Wow….a great movie. Very intense! See it quickly before it leaves the big screen.  I had to go to Chesterfield Valley to catch it! 8.5 out of 10

Hunger Games- Mockingjay- Part 1  Slow and dark. You sort of feel okay putting the time in seeing it realizing that you have invested in the first two movies and you have to see Part 1 to understand and enjoy Part 2….which should be great! The lounge seats at the newly renovated Esquire were enjoyable! 5 out of 10

The Theory of Everything– I really enjoyed this movie. It was touching and sweet. I didn't realize that Stephen Hawking was still alive. I saw this The Landmarks movie theater in Plaza Frontenac and could hear the protesters during the movie. 8 out of 10

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