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My Bernoudy Home Featured in House & Garden, June 1954

Two Large Terraces Help This Small House to Double its Size

In suburban St. Louis, on the two broad terraces that double the size of this small house, summer is a season that lasts eight months. The house, which belongs to William A. Bernoudy, shows how nature can be prodded to bestow southern California favors on the mid-west. It also shows how a compact plan and easy-upkeep materials (cork and tile floors, for example) make for carefree living. The combination leaves the owner with no doubts about where he wants to spend the summer: at home.

Since Mr. Bernoudy planned the house just for himself and his mother, it is smaller than many a vacation house, with only a living-dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and two baths, plus the brick-paved terraces. These terraces follow the sun and the seasons. The south terrace is always sunny, always protected from the north winds, and can be used even in early spring and late fall. (It seems a part of the living room, is divided from it only by floor-to-ceiling glass doors which catch the prevailing summer breezes.) The west terrace is shielded from sun and showers by a 12-foot cantilevered roof, and is a pleasant spot for buffet lunches during the hot summer months. Besides the terraces for outdoor living and entertaining, there is an extra delight and final reason for spending summer at home: a small decorative pool for frequent dips.

West and south sides of living room open to broad terraces which can be used eight months of the year. Note that house is on a gentle slope, and that terraces built up to floor level for easy access from indoors to outdoors. Both the house and the terraces are of brick.

Two terraces one shaded and one sunny, are part of the William A. Bernoudy house in suburban St. Louis. It is pleasant to have lunch on the shaded west terrace, enjoy the sun on the south side, and then take a dip in the small pool.

Plan shows hexagon-shaped roof cantilevered out to shade a terrace, shelter a car.

South wall of living room is a row of glass doors which open to a terrace. Notice how indoors and outdoors are joined together: red tile border of living room is visually like old brick of terrace and both are on the same level: indoor potted plants repeat outdoor planting; ceiling and underside of roof overhand from an unbroken line.

Long view of living-dining room, from entrance hall, shows pattern of bright sunlight and feeling of airiness. Furniture is a mixture of modern and old family pieces; predominantly white, beige, gold, green.

Reading and conversation end of living room is intimate, centers around brick fireplace. Bookcase portion is below ceiling height so breezes blow over it and through the kitchen.

Owner’s bedroom has south and east exposures. Colors are beige, green, apricot; desk chair is Italian.

Steps lead up to entrance from the south terrace, where floor-to-ceiling doors are open to catch prevailing breezes.


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