Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday | St. Louis in the Early Twentieth Century

Automobile fueling at one of the first gas stations in St. Louis, operated by the Pierce Oil Company at 4614 Washington Boulevard, 1916.


Intersection of Fourteenth Street and Washington Avenue. Horse-drawn vehicles remained a common fixture of city life until the 1920s.


Vandeventer and Chouteau Avenues at 5:05 p.m., August 4, 1925. Photograph, 1925. 


Northwest corner of Twelfth and Market Streets. Prendergast Lumber Company is pictured at 1201 Market Street. Photograph, ca. 1895–1905.


A young girl plays a violin while standing on lily pad in front of Linnean House at Shaw’s Garden (now the Missouri Botanical Garden), ca. 1900–1910.


Construction work on St. Charles Street east of Seventh Street. Photograph, ca. 1900.


Southeast corner of Market and Fourteenth streets including Mielke’s Lunch Stand, Hotel Francis and Walter J. Noble Whiskey and Wine. Photograph, ca. 1900.


Street pavers at work on Compton Avenue north of Meramec Street, 1906. The distinctive pyramidal towers of St. Anthony of Padua can be seen in the distance at left.


A newsboy stands in the rubble of street repair work on Olive Boulevard looking west toward Grand Avenue, ca. 1907. In the background, the Olive Boulevard streetcar line stops to pick up passengers near the photographic studio of Emme and Mayme Gerhard (visible on the left hand side of the image).


Men going through a rubbish pile on the riverfront south of Municipal Free Bridge (MacArthur). Photograph, 1910.


Girls in a swimming class entertain an audience of neighborhood residents at Mullanphy Pool, at Eleventh Street, between Cass Avenue and Mullanphy. The injunctions against spitting in the water remind of the ever-present threat of tuberculosis. Photograph, 1914.

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