Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Beethoven Conservatory | 2301 Locust St.

The Beethoven Conservatory was built in 1891 on the outskirts of downtown by prominent St. Louis architecture firm, Beinke & Wees. The masonry building was built in Renaissance Revival style, faced in red brick and trimmed with limestone, granite and terra cotta.  Today, the Beethoven Conservatory is one of two buildings still standing within what was once the prestigious Lucas Place.

When first opening the conservatory served as a music school under director August Waldauer, where he remained for nearly 25 years. Waldauer was a large impact on St. Louis’ cultural development and growth. In 1880 he founded the Musical Union. This was the city’s first professional subscription orchestra and the predecessor of the St. Louis symphony orchestra.  After years of operating as a music school, it became the office for Otis Elevator Company and then after a printing production building for Cordes Printing Company.

Note that you can still see the Otis Elevator sign engraved on the side of the building in the image on the right.

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