St. Louis History, Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursdays: Awnings

The end of the summer is here and it is interesting to see the use of awnings on these historic homes and buildings.

When I grew up I remember we put the awnings up every Spring in the Southern facing dining room bay window of my childhood home. The awnings where made out of canvas and frequently striped. They would stay up for the summer and then come down for fall. It was always an ordeal to put them up and then take them down to store them. Also you would put them down in the morning and raise them in the evening….you also had to put them up when storms were expected.

At some point people started to put up the permanent, aluminum awnings which really were not that attractive and darkened a home. You can still see plenty of these on South City homes.

Now with the use of modern shades they have fallen out of favor.

It is curious to see the way some of the commercial buildings and apartment complexes used them in the summer.

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