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Art Deco- International-styled Homes in Quincy, IL

Today I found myself in the beautiful and impressive town of of Quincy, Illinois. I went up with a friend to celebrate his mother's 74th Birthday. I have heard about Quincy for a while and the impressive houses. I was amazed and delighted! Today I am featuring some of the Art Deco/ International-styled homes.








4 thoughts on “Art Deco- International-styled Homes in Quincy, IL”

  1. Michael Allen says:

    Ted, I had seen the two-story home pictures here, but I don’t recall the others. If you have a street name, I would love to see these the next time I am in Quincy.

  2. Ted says:

    I believe they are on College Street

  3. Jeff King says:

    Glad you got to see my hometown! There are some wonderful homes in Quincy, and I really love the International Style homes too. Did you happen to see the wonderful Moderne Boy Scout building on N 24th?

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