End of Summer Vacations & Back to Work!

I don't know if my planning was ideal, with needing to move out of my current house by the middle of this month and several real estate deals in the works, though I recently had two wonderful get-a-ways….the Pacific NW with one of my sons and brother….and I just got back from Provincetown on the Cape. Somehow I will get it all done. I also have both sons off to college this year. Does this mean I am now an empty nester?  It will be a little quiet at the end of August. This will give me the opportunity to get my new house in order.

Pictures from Provincetown:





And a picture of some of the local performers who make Provincetown so colorful…the Mommie Dearest duo



One thought on “End of Summer Vacations & Back to Work!”

  1. jen goley says:

    Gosh Ted, I was feeling a little jealous until I saw those ‘ladies’…. not so cute. I hope you had a lot of fun and a well deserved, albeit short, break! Please let me know how I can help with the move!! I happen to know a few strong strappy guys too 🙂

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