My Trip to Argentina


I have traveled to some great places in our fine nation over the last few years and have been going to Puerto Vallarta every January…though I was in a bit of a rut and realized that I had not traveled to anywhere very exotic or far away for about a decade. Recently I received an invitation to visit a friend in Buenos Aires and I jumped on the opportunity to go!

I stayed with my friend in his condo in the Palermo area of town. It is Spring down there and the weather was delightful. I spent my days walking the city, touring, eating lots of steak & just living like a local.

Evita was sort of the theme and I visited her grave, a museum devoted to her & Casa Rosada where she addressed the people from the balcony.img_9682

During my stay, I made a trip up to Northern Argentina bordering Paraguay and Brazil to see the famous Iguazu Falls. There really were breathtaking and looked like something you would see in a Lord of the Rings movie. I even saw a toucan!

Unfortunately my iPhone was stolen early on in my trip and I came to understand that you can not buy in iPhone in Argentina. I am thankful that I had my iPad with me and was able to stay in contact….though I did not get to take many pictures.


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