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New Orleans- Part 4 Promise the last post on this trip!

The Wights originally were from Maine and after the Civil War my Great Great Grandfather, Pearl Wight, moved to New Orleans to start a hardware business catering to the shipping industry. Their company was Woodward and Wight, LTD. He became a beloved and respected citizen of New Orleans. A couple of the buildings from the business still stand in the Warehouse District of New Orleans. They are now loft apartment buildings.

Pearl's son, Ira Edward Wight, married a Ewing from St. Louis. In the early 1900's they sold the business and Ira moved to St. Louis. I think his wife did not think New Orleans was a good place to raise a family.




A Loving Cup that I have from when the business was sold and both Pearl and Ira retired in 1904.



Pearl's house on Prytania St. Now owned by the New Orleans Opera Guild.


And Pearl's mausoleum in Metarie Cemetery. There is room for more family members is any of them want to have this as their final resting place.


5 thoughts on “New Orleans- Part 4 Promise the last post on this trip!”

  1. Ted Atwood says:

    I had no idea you were from a long line of Southern Planters…
    or, is that Planted Southerners?

  2. Hillary says:

    Very cool!

  3. Danny says:

    Hi Ted,
    We own a building at the corner of Celeste Street and South Peters in New Orleans. There is a stencil on the side with “Woodward & Wight”. I was wondering if you knew if this is the original building that your Great Great Grandfather’s business may have started out of or if not what their connection to the building was. I have located one or two references to the company at this location in the City Directories, but have not been able to find anything else. Thanks in advance.

  4. Ted Wight says:

    I will be in New Orleans this weekend and will have to check it out!

  5. Julie B says:

    I’m looking for a connection between the Pearl Wite and Mr. R.S.Morse. Both were from Maine, and both were businessmen in NOLA. Both lived on Prytania, R.S. Morse living at the corner of Prytania and First St. Both men were involved in railroads, as well as other business. Do you have any business records that may prove that the two men worked together in NOLA? Thank you.

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